Smart Financial Solutions for Humber Students

Humber’s Smart Wallet is a proposed financial wellness phone application that would be designed specifically for Humber students. The Smart Wallet application would be free to download and would allow Humber students to budget their finances on their smart phones or tablets easily with the push of a button.

Smart Wallet is an easy to use application that creates a unique budgeting plan for students based on their current and future financial goals. This application would connect directly to a students bank account allowing for real time access to current finances and transactions. Smart Wallet will analyze a student’s spending habits and create simple charts to show students where their money could be best spent or saved.


The Smart Wallet budgeting app would provide remarkable benefits for Humber students. When students are aware of their financial situation they gain the feeling of being in control of their finances (Four Benefits of Practicing Financial Wellness, 2015).  Students  will also be  prepared for any unexpected expenses that could potentially arise (Four Benefits of Practicing Financial Wellness, 2015). Smart Wallet would also benefits Humber students by helping students save and meet present and future financial goals (Four Benefits of Practicing Financial Wellness, 2015).

Humber’s Sustainability Plan promotes student success by providing students with the services that can help them be successful academically, personally and professionally (“Social Equity and Well-being | Office of Sustainability,” n.d.). Smart Wallet would fit seamlessly fits in with Humber’s Sustainability Plan by equipping students with the financial tools and knowledge to help build a strong sense of financial well-being not only while in college but also by helping to prepare students for their future.







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One thought on “Smart Financial Solutions for Humber Students

  1. The Smart Wallet app is appealing and straight forward in conversation. This blog is persuasive in the intentions of financial wellness for Humber students. “Smart Wallet” is explained thoroughly with a focus on who this app is for. Humber students can make their spending decisions in the moment with real time access and more information on their financial stance according to their financial goals. It can serve as an exciting and very useful tool that can also relieve financial related stress for students. The flow is very smooth and fits well with Humber’s sustainability plan. In providing the tools to organize/ analyze spending habits, Humber students can visualize their finances and this can serve to be truly helpful. In regard to the app accessing a student’s bank account, would this include all banks? Or would it only include major banks?


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